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Trails of Cold Steel Gets March PS4 Date

XSEED Games has announced the PlayStation 4 date for Trails of Cold Steel. The first game in the Legend of Heroes’ subseries will arrive on the console in late March.

Trails of Cold Steel I & II PS4 Versions Coming West

The PlayStation 4 “Kai” versions of the first two Trails of Cold Steel games are coming west. The two games are both coming early next year, and will perhaps make the hopeful wait for the third and fourth games a little easier.

Trails of Cold Steel II Now Available on PC

The Trails of Cold Steel have once again wound up back in the halls of Windows. Like its predecessor, those who waited for this version are on the receiving end of some bonus features.

Zwei’s Arges Adventure Now Available

Another title arriving this week is Zwei: The Arges Adventure. XSEED Games’ release of Nihon Falcom’s action RPG naturally brings with it another launch trailer.

Zwei’s Arges Adventure Begins in January

XSEED Games has announced the quick PC release for Zwei: The Arges Adventure. Dubbed the most complete version of the game, it also has the added advantage of the being its first English version.

Akiba’s Beat Review

Embrace your inner NEET with Acquire and XSEED Games’ latest foray into the world of nerd culture. Anime, idols, video games, card battles, and maids — lots and lots of maids.

Ys Origin Review

With Ys VIII on the horizon, DotEmu has brought the series’ distant prequel to PlayStation 4. Ys Origin offers a good opportunity for players to see what the series is about ahead of the release of its newest title.