Silent Hope Opening Movie Released

Marvelous released the animated opening movie for its upcoming action RPG Silent Hope. The 100-second video shows a fighter and their allies making preparations before venturing into the chasm known as The Abyss.

Silent Hope is inspired by classic isometric dungeon-crawlers and is planned to release internationally on PC and Nintendo Switch on October 3, 2023. The game is set in a once-peaceful land, which was silenced by its previous king, who stole people’s speech before escaping into The Abyss. Mourning her father’s actions, the kingdom’s princess was crystallised within her own tears. Many years after these events, seven heroes are drawn to the princess and aim to break her free by finding the lost king. After each excursion into the Abyss, the heroes return to their base camp, where they can craft, cook, and otherwise prepare for the next trip.



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