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Dragon Warrior VII Retroview

The Dragon Quest series outside Japan was all but extinct, when a new entry for the PlayStation finally revived the brand. This was not the series’ finest hour though, and only those with a great deal of time to sacrifice should ever investigate it. Oh no, not another brown cave! I’m terrified!

Dragon Quest Monsters III: Caravan Heart Retroview

‘Twas the dark of the moon on the 3rd of June with a wagon hauling logs, an eggplant thing with muffler on, and a blue slime in the cogs. We were loaded for bear on the high road, about a mile out of Moonbrooke Town. I said, “Hey Big Frank, this here’s the Tank, and we’re about to flame the Dragon Lord down.” Cause we’ve got a little ol’ caravan rolling through the night. We’ve got a little ol’ caravan, ain’t she a beautiful sight. Come on and join our caravan; ain’t nothing going to get in our way. We’re gonna roll this truckin’ caravan across to Alefgard.

Dragon Warrior GBC Review

What happens when we retroview a remake of a classic NES game? Well, we spend a lot of time roaming around the world and pressing attack.

Grandia Xtreme Retroview

Remember when it was Xciting to be Xtreme? Read this Xhiliratingly Xpressive review, and reflect on the Xtinguishing of Grandia’s Xcellent Xtreme phase.