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Hellpoint Review

A derelict space station locked in orbit around a black hole is certainly a unique setting for an action RPG. Hellpoint sticks quite close to the familiar Souls-like gameplay formula while injecting just a bit of sci-fi horror.

Hellpoint Delayed on Switch

Sci-fi action RPG Hellpoint will see its Nintendo Switch release postponed in order to iron out its online multiplayer. All other versions of the game are still set to launch next week.

Hellpoint Launching at End of July

Dark sci-fi RPG Hellpoint will be releasing for numerous platforms at the end of this month. A new trailer gives a quick look at the game’s drop-in co-op multiplayer.

Hellpoint Sequel Chapter Released for Free

Despite Hellpoint not actually being out yet, publisher tinyBuild and developer Cradle Games have released a sequel chapter. Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast is a standalone chapter with a new protagonist set several year after the main game, which is set to arrive in April.

Publisher tinyBuild Announces Pair of RPGs

Publisher tinyBuild announced two new RPGs ahead of its appearance at PAX West this weekend. Hellpoint and UnDungeon are both planned for release on PC next year.