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Mahou Senshi Cosplay Club Announced

Chroma Squad developer Behold Studios announced a new turn-based RPG. Mahou Senshi Cosplay Club looks to combine the worlds of cosplay and magical girls.

Chroma Squad Physical Release Announced

Tokusatsu-inspired tactical RPG Chroma Squad is getting a physical edition on Nintendo Switch. The edition will be available to order next week from Super Rare Games.

Galaxy of Pen & Paper Review

Ever have “Ooh shiny!” syndrome? So do I! With this terrible disease comes forgetting to review a game from 2017 that you’ve had sitting on your computer for awhile. Does that make Galaxy of Pen & Paper a bad game? Let’s find out.

Knights of Pen & Paper Receives Deluxier Edition

After releasing Galaxy of Pen & Paper, Behold Studios is returning to its original tabletop-RPG simulator. Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Deluxier Edition is coming to the most recent generation of consoles in a few weeks.

Chroma Squad Adds Episode Creation Tool

It’s been a few years since Chroma Squad first released, but developer Behold Studios isn’t finished with the game just yet. The latest addition to the game is a tool to let players create their own tokusatsu episodes.

Chroma Squad Review

Many who grew up watching Power Rangers or similar series would have dreamed of being part of their very own sentai squad. While Chroma Squad doesn’t simulate that exact dream, it perhaps offers next best thing by putting players at the helm of a studio producing such shows.

Knights of Pen & Paper Review

Editor Sam Marchello should be working on a certain review game. However, she became distracted by her paper wizard hat made from a character sheet. Roll a d20 for an epic disguise.