Final Fantasy XII

After a number of years, the Final Fantasy franchise returns to the PS2 featuring Ashe, princess of the kingdom of Dalmasca with a story of betrayal and revenge as the Archadian Empire grabs for power with Ashe’s homeland as the battlefield.

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Final Fantasy XII Retroview

The Final Fantasy series’ last showing on PS2 took five years and tens of millions of dollars (converted) to finish. How well that time was spent is entirely subjective, but the money’s there on the screen. No Bosch as lead – it got the kibosh.

Final Fantasy XII Review

Four years of waiting, several delays, and quite a few changes once hindered Final Fantasy XII from reaching North America, but now the game has been flung to the public to be picked apart and devoured. At last, RPGamer hands down the verdict on Ivalice’s Judges.

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