Kriegsfront Tactics – Prologue Releasing in July

Developer and publisher Toge Productions announced that it will release the prologue of tactical RPG Kriegsfront Tactics. The prologue will be available for free on Steam on July 18, 2024, with wishlisting currently possible. It will tell the events that trigger the conflict taking place in the full game. During the prologue, players will be able to fight, customise their mechas, and explore a little part of the overworld. The prologue won’t feature a procedural system, which will be added as part of a future milestone update and planned to be a key feature in the full game.

The developer also revealed the prologue as well as the full game will have voice acting. It mentioned the voice actors currently working on the game include Michael Gonzalez, Belsheber Rusape, Su Ling Chan, Damon Alums, and Craig Lee Thomas. Kriegsfront Tactics is set in a period of conflict in an alternate version of 1970s Southeast Asia where players control the leader of a mecha squad sent behind enemy lines. Players will need to manage their squad, resources, and mechas while undertaking missions. The game is currently in development for PC, with no release window as of yet.



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