Enotria: The Last Song Gets New Trailer

Jyamma Games has released a new cinematic trailer for its Soulslike action RPG, Enotria: The Last Song during Summer Game Fest. The Italian developer has also announced that it’s running multiple contests to celebrate the game being included in Steam Next Fest, giving players added challenges and rewards. The contests include a speedrun challenge and a “Become the Mask of Change” challenge, where players must create loadouts and backstories to fit their character. Among the rewards on offer are T-shirts, Enotria game keys, a custom PlayStation DualSense controller, and a PlayStation 5 for the top performer. More details on the contest can be found here.

The demo, which is now available on Steam, has received a significant update providing gameplay improvements, UI fixes, and performance enhancements. Pre-orders for the physical edition of the game will be available soon, with dates being announced in the coming weeks. The game is set for release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on September 19, 2024. It is currently available to wishlist on Steam.

Enotria: The Last Song is set in a fantasy world inspired by Italian folklore and culture, where players control the only entity not bound by their own fate in an eternal play that keeps the world in stasis. Players can take on the strengths and abilities of defeated enemies by wearing their masks and can freely swap between up to three customisable loadouts at a time.



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