Wayfinder Coming Back as Wayfinder Echoes with New Business Model

Developer Airship Syndicate announced its plan to change both the name and business model of its online action RPG Wayfinder through the upcoming Echoes update. Following Airship Syndicate’s agreement for the game’s rights from previous publisher Digital Extremes, the title will be renamed Wayfinder Echoes starting May 31, 2024, with all its online requirements and microtransactions removed. The game will return to Steam Early Access on June 11, 2024, and will be priced at $24.99 USD. Those who previously acquired the game through Founder’s Pack purchases will retain access to it.

The gameplay will be overhauled to go along with these changes. Wayfinder Echoes will feature both single and co-op gameplay for up to four players. It will come with four difficulty levels and traditional RPG talents, while removing the need to grind for new characters and easing their awakening. All weapons will be obtainable as random drops with various slots, armor will have stats, thousands of cosmetics as well as housing items will be added, and more.

All the aforementioned changes won’t affect the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players until summer 2024. At this time, the support for the PlayStation 4 version will be discontinued and any PlayStation 4 players will be upgraded to the PlayStation 5 version. The game will also come to Xbox Series X|S during the Early Access, which is planned to end in fall 2024. All the details pertaining to the Echoes update can be found here.

Wayfinder is set in the world of Evenor, which is being consumed by a force called the Gloom. Players choose from a roster of eponymous Wayfinders — adventurers fighting against the Gloom, each with their own story, play style, and abilities — and take them into dungeon-like Lost Zones that have been consumed by the Gloom. Players can alter these zones with their Gloom Dagger, affecting elements like enemies encountered and resources dropped, but the Gloom will push back with augments of its own.


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