Second Sun Revealed

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Grey Wolf Entertainment have announced Second Sun. The game combines old-school first-person shooter gameplay with RPG elements and will be making its way to PC via Steam. No release date has been specified as of this writing, but it is available to wishlist on Steam.

Second Sun puts players in the role of a Sunborn, a warrior with special abilities, who must protect the empire on the brink of destruction in an ongoing war with the Order of the Second Sun. Players can use class abilities, weapons, and advanced shooting skills to fend off relentless enemies. The progression system allows for important item drops from defeated enemies or discovered chests, essential for weapon upgrades. The game features an open map with randomly generated dungeons, fast-paced combat, character customization, and more.




Naeem Ali

I have been gaming since I received the Sega Master System as a young child, which was the first console I ever owned (Yes, I am that old). The game that got me into RPGs was Final Fantasy VIII, a game that I still adore to this day. My favorite RPG of all time, however, is Shadow Hearts on the PS2. I do have many other interests outside of gaming as well, such as watching old-school wrestling, Reading books, 80s movies.... or anything 80s related as a matter of fact.

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