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Second Sun Revealed

Iceberg Interactive and Grey Wolf Entertainment have announced Second Sun. The game, combining old-school first-person shooter gameplay with RPG elements, will be making its way to PC.

Midnight Protocol Released

Iceberg Interactive and LuGus Studios’ Midnight Protocol is out now. The keyboard-only hacking RPG is available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Midnight Protocol Announced

Iceberg Interactive and LuGus Studios have revealed hacking RPG Midnight Protocol. The game, which launches this summer, is entirely controlled through the keyboard.

Sacred Fire Gets Developer Introduction

Choice-driven RPG Sacred Fire received a developer diary trailer. The two-minute video gives an introduction to the game, which follows a group of resistance fighters in a land inspired by ancient Caledonia.

New Trailer Introduces Sacred Fire

Sacred Fire is a title looking to emulate the flow of pen-and-paper RPG encounters set in ancient Caledonia. The game is planned for launch on Steam sometime in 2021.