RPG Cast – Episode 715: “Chocobo Drifting”

Kelley wonders how you fight a pillow. Chris adopts a sentient Sephiroth noodle. Ryan plays XCOM with a bear. Now everyone, go finish your Turkish Star Wars homework.

Question of the Week
What Toriyama-adjacent project influenced you the most?

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2 Responses

  1. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    Anyone who’s listened or read some of the stuff I’ve done here at RPGamer or on my podcast Slime Time knows the answer to that: Dragon Quest. A few years back, Toriyama was quoted (somewhat jokingly I believe) that he’d never have gotten involved in Dragon Quest if he’d have known it’d still be going 35+ years later. Well, I’m glad he did. The monster designs have been what I love most about the series and keep me coming back and loving every spin-off no matter what the genre.

  2. It’s Chrono Trigger for me. I didn’t play the game until the DS version was released, but I was astonished at how good the game is. I also like the character designs. Considering I’ve never been a fan of Dragon Ball, I grew to appreciate the designs in Chrono Trigger.

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