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Unicorn Overlord Review

After its foray into sci-fi, Vanillaware returns to fantasy with Unicorn Overlord. Blending together together a wonderful presentation with a sense of pacing that fits all styles, this is a tactical RPG that shines brightly.

Unicorn Overlord’s Josef Talks Training

Unicorn Overlord’s Josef has another guide for players ahead of the strategy RPG’s release next month. His guide to training introduces the game’s class system and methods for powering up unit.

Unicorn Overlord Details Character Bonds

Atlus and Vanillaware released some new info for Unicorn Overlord. The update introduces some more characters as well as the game’s character bonding systems.

More Unicorn Overlord Details Revealed

Atlus and Vanillaware provided some more information on Unicorn Overlord. The latest batch of details and images covers the game’s setting, more characters, and overworld gameplay elements.

Unicorn Overlord Details Revealed

Atlus and Vanillaware provided details for tactical RPG Unicorn Overlord. RPGamers can learn more about the game’s story, characters, and combat.