Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds Early Access Date Revealed

Developer Ocelot Technologies announced the Early Access release date for Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds on PC (via Steam). The pixel-art tactical RPG will be available on April 16, 2024.

The game’s story takes place in the fantasy realm of Aarde. The world is facing potential disaster through the wrath of a deity in search of vengeance, a possible war born from the tension between various races, and a mysterious individual scheming to resurrect an ancient evil capable of shaking the fate of the world. Tasked with dealing with all these issues, the player controls a new recruit of the Heroes Guild. During their journey, this new recruit will meet various characters to bond with and choose as party members. Players will be able to use the different abilities of their allies in tactical, turn-based battles. The characters can be customized thanks to over a hundred skills to learn and the thousands of items (including equipment) to acquire.

During the Early Access period, which is planned to last just over a year, players will be able to visit various locations of Respite Island. The initial version will let players obtain hundreds of items of loot, including pieces of equipment, as well as 50 skills spread among ten schools. Gathering and crafting professions will also be available to use. Content planned to be added throughout Early Access includes new areas, NPCs, enemies, fully animated equipment and skills, side quests, and more.



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