New Release Round-Up (October 19, 2023)

Welcome to RPGamer’s new release round-up. In this column we look to provide our readers with details on all of the RPGs released over the week. Please note we do not currently include Early Access releases where the game is still in development.

Folk Hero

Platform: PC
Publisher: Targem Games
Developer: Chudo-Yudo Games
Available: Steam
Price: $10.99 (15% launch discount)

Folk Hero is a roguelite hack-and-slash RPG set in a world based on Slavic fantasy and folklore. The game sees players venturing to the island of Buyan to investigate various strange occurrences. It features procedural level generation, and though any heroes that fall are permanently lost, they unlock points that can be spent upgrading future heroes.

Pillars of Dust

Platform: Nintendo Switch (previously released on PC)
Publisher: Something Classic Games
Developer: Retreaux Games
Available: Nintendo eShop
Price: $6.99 (60% launch discount)

Retro RPG Pillars of Dust is a cross between traditional JRPG exploration and world-building and an arcade spin of trying to complete the game as fast as possible. The game revolves around two protagonists whose intersecting storylines can be played in either order, with the one played first affecting the next one. The game world also features a chicken-nugget-based economy. Those looking to read more about Pillars of Dust can check out Elmon Dean Todd’s review of the game’s PC release.

Tales of Aravorn: An Elven Marriage

Platform: PC, Linux
Publisher: Winter Wolves
Developer: Winter Wolves
Available: Steam,
Price: $19.99 (10% launch discount on Steam)

Visual novel-RPG hybrid, Tales of Aravorn: An Elven Marriage is a follow-up to Loren the Amazon Princess, taking place several years later. Players can choose whether to control Elenor or Saren as they guard Lydia on her passage to Triberg, with new and old allies and enemies encountered along the way.

The Caligula Effect 2

Platform: PlayStation 5 (previously released on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch)
Publisher: NIS America
Developer: Historia, FuRyu
Available: PlayStation Store
Price: $49.99

The Caligula Effect 2 puts players in control of a student in a virtual academy in the world of Redo, a self-proclaimed “paradise” governed by a virtual idol called Regret. They join a resistance called the Go-Home Club to fight against Regret and the Obbligato Musicians and escape Redo. Those looking to read more about The Caligula Effect 2 can check out RPGamer’s review of its PlayStation 4 version.

World of Horror

Platform: PC, Mac
Publisher: Ysbryd Games
Developer: panstasz
Available: Steam,,, Microsoft Store
Price: $19.99 (25% launch discount)

Horror RPG World of Horror is inspired by the works of Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft. The game features fourteen playable characters investigating harrowing events around the seaside town of Shiokawa in 198X after the Old Gods return, bringing with them various unspeakable monstrosities. The game features twenty mysteries designed with replayability in mind as players fight in turn-based combat while trying to stay alive and not succumb to madness. Those looking to read more about World of Horror can check out Sam Wachter’s review. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch releases are set to follow on October 26, 2023, after a last-minute delay.

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