Action RPG Babylon X Announced

Armenian-based studio Mighty Boy Studio announced its debut title, Babylon X. The game is a sci-fi/fantasy action RPG set in an alternate history around the ancient world in Babylon and Egypt. It is in development for PC and unspecified consoles, and does not yet have a release window.

The game’s cinematic announcement trailer, viewable below, introduces its two main protagonist Samson and Leykah. Both will be playable, with players able to customise them to suit their play style through various gadgets, weapons, abilities, and magic. Combat is said to prioritise controlling the battlefield and seeking out enemy weaknesses, with players able to utilise the environment, combine weapons and abilities, and use a gravity-manipulating tool called the GraviOrb.

Babylon X takes place as its world approaches an apocalypse. Samson is a former prophet who has become a runaway slave and avenger, while Leykah is a young moon cult priestess, with the two joining together to try and avert the catastrophe. The game will feature interactive cutscenes, as well as various choices that will impact the world.



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