Star Wars: The Old Republic Switching Developers

BioWare announced that ongoing development for MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is being moved away from the developer to studio Broadsword. EA will still be acting as the game’s publisher. In a blog post, BioWare stated that immediate updates are moving forward as planned and that most of the current team will be invited to join Broadsword in their current roles, but that some roles are being eliminated.

Star Wars: The Old Republic was originally released in December 2011, starting as a subscription-based title but switching to free-to-play with an optional subscription in 2012. Players create a character from one of eight classes — four siding with the Sith Empire and the remaining four with the Galactic Republic — each having its own story and AI companions, with players able to make various Light Side and Dark Side-aligned decisions throughout. The game has received eight official expansions.


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