Cygnus Enterprises Announced, Early Access Launch Set for Next Month

Publisher NetEase Games and developer Team Miaozi have announced Cygnus Enterprises. The game is a blend of sci-fi action RPG and city management where players create and protect settlements on alien worlds. It is planned to release on Steam Early Access on December 16, 2022.

Cygnus Enterprises takes place in a future where mankind has united and is able to settle in new worlds. This expansion has become easier thanks to a faster-than-light drive created by the eponymous Cygnus Enterprises. Players control hired troubleshooters tasked with restoring derelict outposts and turning them into thriving settlements on worlds with various dangers.

The game features top-down shooter combat as players venture into the wilds to obtain resources needed to build their settlements. When resources are gathered, players can build up their outpost, placing new buildings as they see fit and managing employees, including technical and security staff, to ensure things run smoothly. The game also includes various upgrade, research, and crafting systems.




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