Tactics Ogre: Reborn Announced, Releasing in November

Square Enix has officially announced Tactics Ogre: Reborn. The game is a new remake of tactical RPG Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. It is planned to release worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on November 11, 2022. The game will be available digitally on all platforms, with the console versions also receiving a physical release. Those interested can also pre-order a special tarot card set — otherwise only available with the Japanese Collector’s Edition — from Square Enix’s online store.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn is based on the PlayStation Portable remake of the original Super Famicom title. The game is set in the Valerian Isles of the Obero Sea. After lengthy conflicts, the isles were united by “Dynast-King” Dorgalua Oberyth. However, his death half a century later results in a civil war between three factions: the Bakram, the Galgastani, and the Walister. The game follows Denam Pavel, a young man who joins the the Walister Resistance as it fights against the the Bakram and the Galgastani while looking to uphold his ideals of justice and freedom. More details about the story and characters can be found on Square Enix’s blog post.

The Reborn version of the game features high-definition graphics, fully voiced cutscenes in English and Japanese, and a full orchestral re-recording of the game’s soundtrack. It also includes a redesigned UI and updated sound effects. Tactics Ogre: Reborn also includes some gameplay changes. It will feature unit-by-unit level system as opposed to class-based level system of the PlayStation Portable release. There are also some adjustments to AI, combat pace, and controls, as well as a new auto-save feature.




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