Baldur’s Gate III Goes Bardic in Latest Update

Larian Studios released Patch 8 for Baldur’s Gate III, its latest major Steam Early Access update for the game. The update, announced and showcased through a new Panel from Hell presentation viewable below, includes the addition of the Bard class, the Gnome playable race, and more.

Bards come with two available subclasses. The College of Valour is a combat-focused subclass with proficiencies and skills that let them engage in the frontlines while still being able to buff allies. Meanwhile, the College of Lore is a spell-focused subclass that aims to confuse and debuff enemies while assisting their allies at the same time. To go with the new class, the game adds musical instruments, which can be played by any class with the level 4 Performer feat. Players can play in front of NPCs, who will react to the music and may join in or offer rewards.



As well as the new Gnome race, the game adds new swarm AI. This lets certain enemies, such as animals or goblins, be grouped together in combat to make it run faster and smoother. It also includes new cinematic killcams and hairstyle upgrades, as well as a Brazilian Portuguese localisation. The full patch notes can be found here.

Baldur’s Gate III is based on the latest fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. Its story sees the customisable player character and some others captured and forced to host a Mindflayer tadpole before the airship they are on crashes. The Early Access version is currently available on PC, Mac, and Google Stadia, with Larian Studios stating that the full release is currently expected in 2023.




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