Triangle Strategy Introduces Benedict Pascal

Nintendo and Square Enix released the third character story trailer for tactical RPG Triangle Strategy. The trailer focuses on party member Benedict Pascal, a dutiful and loyal steward to main protagonist Serenoa Wolffort, and the motivations of House Wolffort. It also introduces other characters: former House Wolffort head Symon Wolffort, leaders of other high houses Landroi Falkes and Silvio Telliore, and spy Anna Pascal.

The video introduces some of the choices available to players with the example of retaking the royal capital. Players have three strategies they can employ for the mission: destroying the floodgates for a high chance of victory but with a high cost for the citizens, sneaking into the enemy camp to try and defeat their leaders, or destroying the bridge to the city to cut off the occupying forces and allowing for diplomacy. It also demonstrates the game’s upgrade systems. Players can grant medals to units to promote them to a new class and gain new abilities. Each character’s unique weapons can also be upgraded using special materials, granting access to new skills.

Triangle Strategy features three convictions — Utility, Morality, and Liberty — that make up protagonist Serenoa’s worldview, and player choices along those lines will determine how the story plays out and which allies will join his cause. Major decisions are settled with the Scales of Conviction, where allies will vote for which option to take, with players able to influence the voting. The game will release worldwide for Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022.



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