RPG Backtrack 243 – Domo Arigato Solatorobo

It’s time to give some love to CyberConnect2’s passion project, Little Tail Bronx. After all, they only put a game out in this series every ten years. Josh Carpenter and Casandra Ramos join the show to chime in about this adorable DS game, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter.


Kelley Ryan

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  1. minneyar minneyar says:

    Solatorobo discourse in the year 2021? Crazy!

    Well, hopefully the bit of attention Solatorobo has been getting lately means Fuga is doing well for CC2. I’ll be happy if we get another LTB game in less than 10 years. One thing to note is that people at CC2 have expressed interested in revisiting Solatorobo in interviews and on Twitter… but Bandai-Namco owns the publishing rights to it, so whether CC2 can remake/re-release it is entirely up to them, and BN seems to have no faith at all in the series. Keep in mind that when they originally announced Fuga, they were planning to have a physical release — which they had to cancel because they could not find any publishers that were willing to do it, and so they had to self-publish it digitally. Unless Fuga is a smash success, BN probably isn’t going to change their mind any time soon.

    Aside from that, one more thing I thought I’d mention: I’m a *little* surprised nobody mentioned the final sidequest during the roundtable about their favorite moments from Solatorobo, and so I’d be willing to bet that nobody did it (or it was so long ago since you did it that you forgot). Beating every sidequest in Solatorobo opens up a special, final one that is rather lengthy. I won’t spoil the details here — if you’ve beaten the game, I really recommend going back and doing it, even though some of the sidequests are a bit of a grind, and the boss rush ones are actually fairly difficult — but it’s worth it, and it’s stuck in my head more strongly than any other scene in the game.

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