RPG Cast – Episode 600: “It’s a HIGH Seven”

Chris says the quiet things out loud, and challenges Anna Marie to play a gacha game without spending money. Kelley gets distracted by a three-headed monkey, while Josh ponders why the ten rings sounds like Jarvis.

Question of the Week
Complete the sentence: I gave [BLANK] another chance and I really clicked with it the second time around!

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6 Responses

  1. squiggyleo squiggyleo says:

    What comes to mind immediately is FFXII. It’s not that I hated everything about it the first time on the PS2, but man that battle system didn’t make me happy. Setting up gambits to let the AI control my party was not how I was used to playing my JRPGs. Fast-forward to the Zodiac Age release in 2017, and while it still had gambits to contend with, the simple addition of streamlining the license board to give characters more defined roles did wonders for me!

  2. squiggyleo squiggyleo says:

    I’d count Demon’s Souls in this list too. I had the game, but heard about how flipping difficult it was supposed to be, and it put me off trying to play it for the longest time. When I did, I found I absolutely loved it, and as a result I’ve played so many very enjoyable games of this type that I would have otherwise missed out on, from Bloodborne to Dark Souls to The Surge.

  3. Krull Krull says:

    Monster Hunter is the obvious one that comes to mind. TBF, I played MHFU on iOS which was … suboptimal. I could see there was a good game in there, but also a swamp of systems. Decided to give it another go with MH Rise, and that is simply just an excellent game. Even if I’m still terrible at gauging where and when those combat animations will finish!

  4. severinmira severinmira says:

    I join in on the Final Fantasy XII, which didn’t align with me initially, but I thoroughly enjoyed The Zodiac Age.

    The other one would be The World Ends with You.

  5. JCServant JCServant says:

    LOL. Chris thinks things out loud. Like butt shots! LOL! Anyway, Chris, I can TOTALLY relate to your comment regarding Tales of games (thinking about jumping into the newest one implies one should start off with older titles to get a better appreciation. But, then, there’s sooo much! Meh. Why bother?)

    “Patch notes for the company” was SOOO Funny!!! LOL. As Anna said, lessons are being learned and at least a FEW people are finally being held accountable. I hope CA goes after more of them.

    ZHP is super fun. Kelly is spot on with her quick overview of it. It’s very much a rogue LIGHT, as you really do become more and more powerful with every successful run, even if your level resets. La Pucelle Tactics is also super fun. I’d rather have it than Soul Nomad, IMHO.

    Meth…always better the 2nd time around! LOL. Like Krull, Monster Hunter was that game. I played MH4 for about a dozen hours or two, and quit. I could not figure out the systems, and did not see what all the hype was about. “To each their own,” I though. A few years later, with the announcement of MHW, I decided to give it another shot. I became so hooked, I beat the single player and picked up Generations. Since then, I’ve become one of the MH Fanboys, beating each new release as it comes out. I even beat Iceborne, with took town notoriously tough monsters such as Furious Rajang (An angrier variant of this player-killer, Dragon Ball Z gorilla!)

  6. I resonate with FF XII, too. When I played the PS2 version, I didn’t enjoy it. In fact, it became the only FF that I didn’t care to finish. However, I highly enjoyed the Zodiac Age version. One of the features that changed the game for me was the ability to speed up the game, for going back and forth the enormous maps took ages in the original one, and I hated that.

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