Alder’s Blood Xbox One Version, Update Released

No Gravity Games has released turn-based tactical RPG Alder’s Blood on Xbox One. The Xbox One version is available for $19.99. The release comes with the launch of a Definitive Edition update of its existing PC and Nintendo Switch versions. The update includes a rework of the game’s corruption system, adjustments to the wind system, the removal of the darkness system, attacks of opportunity, critical hits, new weapons, new enemies, new abilities, and more.

Alder’s Blood features a Victorian/Western fantasy setting, with players leading a crew of hunters on a quest to kill a corrupted god. The quest is made even more dangerous by the presence of monsters and darkness, which can summon additional monsters. The game features a unique ambush system to let players get the drop on monsters that they’d otherwise be no match for. Those looking to read more about Alder’s Blood can check out Michael Baker’s impression of the Nintendo Switch version.



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