Nexon Showcases Upcoming Projects

Korean publisher Nexon held a showcase presentation, during which it introduced a number of upcoming projects. Included were five RPGs, with the first video being a trailer for the recently announced Project Magnum. The game is billed as a looter shooter with third-person PvE combat. It will feature a sci-fi setting with combat utilising abilities and guns, and will see players fight against massive bosses. It is planned for release on PC and consoles.

Project Overkill is an action RPG based on the online beat-’em-up RPG Dungeon & Fighter. It incorporates both side-scrolling and 3D elements and is being developed by Dungeon & Fighter developer Neople for PC. Project ER is an MMORPG themed around siege warfare. Players will be able to participate in battles twenty-four hours a day, attempting to occupy and defend strongholds. Players will be able to utilise the terrain and a collision system in combat.

TalesWeaver M is a mobile version of PC MMORPG TalesWeaver, which celebrates its 18th anniversary this year. The game includes upgrades to the original’s story and graphics. Finally, Project SF2 is a “collectible” RPG. It features turn-based strategic combat where players will need to consider character skills, range, and location.


Project Magnum


Project Overkill


Project ER


TalesWeaver M


Project SF2


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