Blue Reflection: Second Light Introduces Combat Elements, More Characters

Koei Tecmo provided new media and details for Gust’s Blue Reflection: Second Light. The update covers a number of combat elements and introduces two additional characters, Hiori Hirahara and Shiho Kasuga.

Blue Reflection: Second Light follows Ao Hoshizaki and her friends, who lost their memories and are transported to a mysterious floating academy. While looking for a way home, they find an area around the academy they name Heartscape. In Heartscape, they discover various crafting materials as well as shining fragments that restore parts of their memories. However, Heartscape also has dangers, including monsters, but Ao and her friends can use rings to summon weapons and change themselves into Reflectors.



The game features a real-time battle system built around Ether Points (EP). These points are needed to use skills and recover over time, with the recovery time speeding up the more skills are used. Once a certain number of points are gained, characters can “gear up” and start using multiple skills at once, chaining combos and speeding up combat.

Once a character reaches 3rd Gear, the Reflector transformation occurs and they can unleash special powers. Once an enemy is encountered, a single party member can approach the enemy to begin a “One-on-One Battle” featuring fast-paced combat with quick dodges and attacks. After linking up a certain number of combos, the character then performs a “One-on-One Finisher”.



Hiori Hirahara and Shiho Kasuga appear to Ao and her other companions at certain points in the story. Like the others, both have lost their memories, though Hiori is searching for her little sister while Kokoro believes she knows Shiho somehow. In addition, Ao comes across a spirit when she first enters the academy world who reappears in front of others at strange times and whom they call Yuko.

Blue Reflection: Second Light is a sequel to Blue Reflection. The game will be released physically and digitally in North America and Europe on November 9, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.



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