Arboria Gets Launch Window

All in! Games and developer Dreamplant Studio have announced that rogue-lite action RPG Arboria will see a full launch for PC via Steam in August 2021. The game has been in Early Access since May 2020, with players still able to download its free demo. The Early Access version is also currently receiving a 15% discount, valid until June 18, 2021.

Arboria is described as “a rogue-lite with Souls-like combat” rooted in Norse mythology and features procedurally generated dungeon floors, upgradable Symbiotic Weapons, and the ability to earn the Gods’ favor by paying tribute to them. Players control members of a tribe of trolls called the Yotunz who are sent to the dungeon Durnar where they must defeat enemies to gather a resource called Veri to send back to their village. When the player-controlled Yotun dies, a fairy takes its head back to the village, where its experience and remaining Veri are used to birth a new Yotun. Those looking to read more can check out Alex Fuller’s impression of a pre-alpha demo of the game.



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