Magic: Legends Outlines Its Difficulty

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have released a new video for Magic: Legends covering the game’s difficulty levels and modifiers. The difficulties are split between Normal, Hard, Expert, and Master, though this is only the beginning of the different ways challenge can be altered.

All players will begin at Normal difficulty, with subsequent difficulties being added upon reaching certain level milestones with a character. Beyond the regular increase in power enemies will get on each level, regional enchantments will be applied to each region in the game. These regional enchantments rotate every few weeks and alter the way players engage with the game, such as the “Burning” enchantment that deals fire damage over time to nearby players or “Final Explosion” causing enemies to explode upon death.

There will also be world enchantments that players choose before heading out on a mission. World enchantments are single-use modifiers that alter the world state and rewards of the selected mission. These come in a variety of effects, such as dealing half damage unless an enchantment spell is active, having enemies focus on the player rather than their minions, planeswalkers being unable to recover mana naturally, or spawning a slow-moving enemy that will kill the player on contact.

Based on the Magic: The Gathering card game, Magic: Legends is an MMO action RPG where players create their own planeswalker and travel the many worlds of the setting. The game is being developed for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and will be released as a free-to-play title sometime in 2021. An open beta begins on March 23, 2021.



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