Keylocker Trailer Shows Classes

Developer Moonana released a new trailer for its upcoming title Keylocker. The minute-long video shows the game’s first four character classes: Sequencer, Hacker, Juggernaut, and Samurai. Each of these classes will branch off into new classes, each with its own headgear and unique skill tree.

Keylocker takes place on Saturn, where music has been outlawed for the past 141 years. The game follows B0B0, who is a Doppelganger, twins that are born to be perfect fits for particular societal castes. However, B0B0 fights against her position in the lowest caste, forming her own band in rebellion against the Saturnian Satellites that act as the ultimate law. The combat is turn-based with real-time execution using rhythm-based inputs. Players can choose to betray or befriend many of the citizens they come across, with the game featuring multiple endings based on player decisions. Keylocker is being developed for PC, with no announced release window.



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