Outriders’ New Technomancer Class Brings Full Co-op Gameplay

People Can Fly’s monthly video series chronicling the development of Outriders continues with a new look at the Devastator and Technomancer classes. The previously-announced Devastator is a close-ranged tank class that operates at its best in the thick of battle utilizing earth and gravitational powers. This class received a new detailed video describing its ins and outs. The Technomancer, revealed today in an extended co-op video, uses various weaponry such as sticky grenades, summoned RPGs, and rocket barrages.

Outriders is a cooperative action RPG shooter. Up to three players can work together to discover the source of a mysterious signal across the war-torn planet of Enoch. The game is set to release holiday 2020 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A Stadia version of the game will launch in 2021.



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