New Trailer Provides In-Depth Look at Paper Mario: The Origami King

Nintendo has released a new video that holds a magnifying glass on its upcoming papercraft RPG, Paper Mario: The Origami King. The nearly-six-minute video examines several aspects of the game, including world design, gameplay, and combat.

King Olly, the Origami King, has spirited Princess Peach’s castle to a new location and wrapped it up in giant paper streamers, sealing it off. Mario’s task is to travel the world, following each of five giant streamers to their end in an attempt to unwrap the castle little by little. This quest will take him to a variety of locations, including an underground sewer system, raging river rapids, a secret-filled ancient ruin, a ninja-filled mansion, and a desert oasis. Along the way, he’ll perform tasks like taking part in a Wild West stage production and appearing on a Shy Guy-themed quiz show, in addition to encountering a colorful cast of paper characters, some of whom will also aid him in battle. There’s Olivia, King Olly’s kind-hearted sister; Bobby, the amnesiac Bob-omb; Professor Toad; and the Magikoopa Kamek. Even Bowser himself may lend a hand.

The Origami King‘s combat system is designed around an arena made up of concentric circles, divided into segments on which enemies are located. Mario himself is in the center circle. Before battle, players are given a limited amount of time and moves to rotate individual circles or slide wedges, rearranging the enemies on them into advantageous formations. For example, Mario’s Shiny Boots let him jump onto each enemy in a row, while the Shiny Hammer has a specific area of effect. Other power-ups, like the familiar Fire Flower and Tanooki Tail, will also make appearances.

Boss battles change the combat gameplay, putting Mario on the outside of the ring and the boss in the middle. Here, the rings must be moved and adjusted to create a path Mario can follow to reach the center space in order to damage his opponent. Bosses themselves are members of the Legion of Stationery, and are based around the theme of office supplies, for example Colored Pencils, Tape, and Rubber Band.

During his travels, Mario will be able to make use of several types of gameplay mechanics. Toads are hidden within the environments for him to find. Bottomless holes in the world can be repaired by tossing confetti onto them. Mario is also able to unfold or tear perforated paper objects to uncover secrets and hidden paths. Finally, a collection of mini games also await players.

Paper Mario: The Origami King will be available worldwide for Nintendo Switch on July 17, 2020. A $59.99 digital edition can be pre-ordered via the Nintendo eShop.



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