More Azur Lane: Crosswave Screenshots and Character Info

Idea Factory International has released another new batch of screenshots and information regarding several new characters for the upcoming Azur Lane: Crosswave. The characters are introduced in the framework of the Joint Military Exercise, an international event where selected members of each nation’s military train together and learn from one another.

Ayanami is one of the oldest members of the Sakura Empire, known for her ruthless battles, though she has a very reclusive personality off the battlefield. Illustrious is a member of the Royal Navy who aims to carry herself as a true noble in all things. With a bit of a sadistic streak, Ajax is fond of teasing others and is quite outspoken. Enterprise is the strongest aircraft carrier in the Eagle Union, renowned for her many victories on the seas and in the skies; she joins the Joint Military Exercise to investigate what is going on behind the scenes after sensing something amiss.

Akashi is a Support-type repair ship with a cat-like personality, down to her preference to play with cat toys. Despite this, she is the best mechanic the Sakura Empire has to offer, with a head for business and a third for money to boot. Finally, Achilles is a Leander-class light cruiser who participates in the Joint Military Exercise to assist her friend Ajax.

Azur Lane: Crosswave is a naval 3D shooter RPG featuring personified battleships, who can transform between ship and human forms. The game is based off the 2017 mobile Chinese game, Azur Lane, and will be released physically and digitally for PlayStation 4 and digitally for PC via Steam in February 2020. Pre-orders for the $99.99 Limited Edition and $49.99 Standard Edition of the game are now available on Idea Factory International’s North American and European online stores.



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