More Dragon Quest Walk Info Strolls In

Square Enix has provided more screenshots and information regarding its upcoming mobile game Dragon Quest Walk. The game is heading to iOS and Android devices in Japan in 2019. There is no news regarding a western release.

A mysterious voice guides the protagonist through a world that fuses the game’s reality with the real world. Maps are colorful renditions of the player’s current location, with creatures and lore that stem from the Dragon Quest franchise. Players can mark and place a home hub anywhere on the map. They will also be able to team up with others playing the game to take on dungeons and event monsters.

There will be objectives scattered across the map that progress Dragon Quest Walk’s main story. To activate these quests, players will have to walk to the designated locations. Monsters will also be visible on the map and players can opt to battle them for experience. New monsters the players encounter get added to the game’s Bestiary. Recovery Spots, resembling shining pots, will also pop up on the map so players can replenish their HP and MP pools.





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