RPGCast – Episode 503: “Goku Twerking At Fish”

Goku got moves. Square Enix got the dollar bills. Keanu got a fandom. And you got a really long post E3 podcast. Now go teach those youngsters how the weapon triangle works.

Question of the Week
What game were you excited about before E3, but now are totally uninterested in?

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  1. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    QOTW: This isn’t an RPG, but when Microsoft teased a new Battletoads last year I got SUPER hyped. Then they actually showed it this year, and while the gameplay looks fairly solid and what I’d expect of Battletoads… that art style is truly horrendous, imo. It was literally one of those moments where the super excited grin slowly melted from my face to be replaced with a disappointed, sad, “What did you do?” expression.

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