RPG Backtrack Episode 205: Nancy Drew and the Case of Otherworldly Entities

Atlus would not be rushed into making a fifth main Persona game.  Now that it’s finally been out long enough to warrant a Backtrack, plenty of things can be said about it, and many of them will be heard on this episode.

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  1. Budai Budai says:

    In reference to the Zelda episode, I was also not a fan of the weapon durability system. I just eventually avoided combat all together unless I absolutely had to, which was not often. It was just not really worth the trouble of fighting anything in that game.

  2. Sam’s recount of how excited she was to be in Kabukichō and spotting familiar things reminded me of my trip to Tokyo and being in Shibuya for the first time. I was all “there’s the scramble crossing! There’s Hachiko! There’s the Starbucks! There’s Tower Records! There’s the 109 building! *Squee*

  3. nyx nyx says:

    Seriously, when you play Yakuza or TWEWY, it really is so easy to run around Tokyo with an intense level of excitement. You feel smart!

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