Octopath Traveler Announced for PC

Octopath Traveler has been officially announced for PC release, following a deleted premature blog post on the Square Enix website late last week. The original game was released for Nintendo Switch in 2018, with a mobile title recently announced for the Japanese market.

Octopath Traveler focuses on eight characters, each with their own unique field abilities, as they embark on individual journeys across the land of Orsterra. Its unique visuals are through the use of “HD-2D,” which puts 2D sprites over a 3D world.

The PC version of the game is currently slated to release on Steam on June 7 with full controller support, achievements, and English and Japanese audio options, as well as French, Italian, German, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese text.


Shannon Harle

Shannon joined RPGamer in 2016 as a news writer before taking time off, rejoining as a columnist and proofreader.

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  1. Orophin Orophin says:

    Great news. I’ve kind of gotten away from buying consoles and am sticking primarily to PC, although some of the games coming out on Switch lately has made me want to get that console, and this was one of them since I was a fan of the Bravely games. Now if only they’d release Dragon Quest Builders on PC. They’ve shown the penchant for releasing other DQ games (Heroes, XI) on PC, it seems like this one would be a prime candidate as well due to how much interest there is in Minecraft and other builder types.

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