Sega’s Judgment Set for June

Sega has announced that Judgment, the newest title from Yakuza series developer Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, will be released in North America and Europe on June 25, 2019. The game will available physically and digitally exclusively on PlayStation 4, with pre-orders to begin on March 7, 2019. Those who pre-order the game will receive early access to the full game on June 21, 2019.

Sega also provided a reminder of some of the gameplay and cast details, with further details expected this week. Judgment will let players mix two combat styles. The Crane Style uses sweeping blows ideal for dealing with groups of enemies, while Tiger Style rains down strikes on a single opponent. These are used in conjunction with various skills, weapons, and special EX Actions. Meanwhile, the confirmed cast includes:


  • Takayuki Yagami — Main protagonist. A fiercely idealistic ex-defense lawyer turned private detective who gets caught in a serial-murder case.
    Japanese voice actor and facial capture: Takuya Kimura
    English voice actor: Greg Chun
  • Masaharu Kaito — A former member of the Matsugane family who was expelled and now works as Yagami’s partner.
    Japanese voice actor: Shinshu Fuji
    English voice actor: Crispin Freeman
  • Mafuyu Fujii — A prosecutor working for the Tokyo District Prosecutor’s Office who has a history with Yagami.
    Japanese voice actor: Risa Shimizu
    English voice actor: Cherami Leigh
  • Takashi Genda — An old-school lawyer who oversaw Yagami’s career and still helps him.
    Japanese voice actor and facial capture: Akira Nakao
    English voice actor: Brian McNamara
  • Kazuya Ayabe — A detective with Tokyo PD’s Organized Crime Division.
    Japanese voice actor and Facial Capture: Kenichi Takito
    English voice actor: Matt Yang King
  • Mitsuru Kuroiwa — A detective with the Tokyo PD’s Organized Crime Division.
    Japanese voice actor and Facial Capture: Shosuke Tanihara
    English voice actor: Matt Mercer
  • Kyohei Hamura — Captain of the Matsugane family, a subsidiary of the Tojo Clan.
    Japanese voice actor and Facial Capture: Pierre Taki
    English voice actor: Fred Tatasciore

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