The Bard’s Tale Trilogy Is Now Complete

Krome Studios and inXile Entertainment have released the third and final part of their remaster of the classic Bard’s Tale TrilogyThe Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate joins the previous two installments Tales of the Unknown and The Destiny Knight in a collection that has received not only a visual facelift but also several optional quality-of-life enhancements. Players are now able to create a single party to take through all three games, as well as being able to play as a female character for the first time. A special Legacy Mode is also available, featuring individual settings that can be toggled to make the experience as throwback or modern as the player wants.

The three episodes of The Bard’s Tale Trilogy have been remastered from the ground up to be one streamlined package. In addition to unifying the three different design templates, previously-unused character art by series creator Michael Cranford has been used along with the updated visuals. The Bard’s Tale Trilogy is available now for PC via Steam and for $14.99.



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