Take Back the Streets in Tactical RPG Vigilantes

Developer Timeslip Softworks is giving players the chance to take the law into their own hands with its upcoming tactical RPG, Vigilantes. The city of Reiker is overrun with crime, and its authorities are unable to stem the tide of lawlessness. Players take on the role of Sam Contino, a conscientious citizen not afraid to get his own hands dirty to restore some peace in his city. It is up to players to recruit fellow vigilantes to join Sam’s campaign, construct a base of operations, and interrogate and work their way up the chain of command of each of the city’s criminal factions, from lowly gang bangers to mobster kingpins. Players are given an option of playing as unforgiving or mercifully as they like, though with the caveat that unrestrained killing sprees run the danger of further plunging the city into chaos rather than save it.

Vigilantes is set to release for Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam on October 4, 2018, and will cost $14.99/€13.99/£11.39. A collection of screenshots and a release trailer show off the game in action.




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