A New Day Dawns for The World Ends with You: Final Remix

New details have surfaced from Square Enix concerning the upcoming The World Ends with You: Final Remix. The game’s new scenario, A New Day, sees protagonist Neku come to in the middle of Shibuya Crossing, having just experienced a vision in which the city’s buildings disappeared one by one at the command of a mysterious voice. After waking, an email on his phone informs Neku that the death game has now entered into its Hard Mode. Neku, along with a cast of returning characters and the new girl reaper named Coco, must escape Shibuya within 24 hours to beat Hard Mode.

Hard Mode will also feature a new type of Noise to battle, as well as five new types of missions: Curse and Restore missions see Neku’s HP drop or replenish during battle; Split missions feature Noise that continually multiply themselves; Sync Rave doubles the amount of built-up Sync Rate; and Raven Ball missions see a ball enter the battlefield that will damage Neku.

Final Remix expands on the original game’s pin-based combat system with the addition of Set Pins, which offer up powerful new techniques and effects by being equipped in combination with others of the same set. The newly-added two-player mode offers an entirely separate set of pins, displayed in the bottom right of the screen, that the second player can activate by moving the Joy-Con in specific ways.

The World Ends with You: Final Remix will release in Japan on September 27, 2018. A localized version is coming to North America and Europe on October 12, 2018. Both versions will release exclusively on the Switch.



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