Say Hello to BRIG 12’s Little Friends in Class Progression Trailer

As the clone of a famous bounty hunter, players in BRIG 12 must assemble and lead a crew of interstellar mercenaries and cutthroats to hunt down targets across the galaxy and carve out fame and fortune for themselves. Developed by Traega Entertainment, this free-to-play turn-based RPG offers various ways to customize the player’s crew, including managing the upgradeable class system.

Between combat crew and duty officers for the ship, there are nine base classes — Mercenary, Medic, Sergeant, Scientist, Dancer, Junk Dealer, Nurse, Equipment Manager, and Fitness Instructor — each of which has two or four possible evolutions, leading to such classes as Sharpshooter, Robot Doctor, Mad Scientist, Rockstar, and Kung Fu Master. For a full breakdown of all 35 character classes, view the full trailer below.

BRIG 12 is slated for release for PC and Mac via Steam sometime August 2018. For more information leading up to the game’s launch, check out its official site.



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