BattleTech Teases Its First Expansion

Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive have announced the first expansion pack for the tactical RPG BattleTech. A short teaser was made available, hinting at the additions the expansion will offer.

Flashpoint‘s primary new feature will be a new mode for which the expansion is named. Flashpoints will be short stories involving a mixture of procedurally-generated missions, new crew conversations, and new events, choices, and rewards. A new difficulty modifier, called “Consecutive Deployments”, will prevent players from repairing mechs between missions. The expansion will also add three new mechs — the Hatchetman, the Crab, and the Cyclops — a new tropical biome, and a new encounter called “Target Acquisition”, in which players use light and medium mechs to control three distinct points on the map.

Released on PC earlier this year, BattleTech is a tactical RPG where a player becomes embroiled in a planet-spanning war between clans for the rights to succession. Flashpoint will release on PC in November 2018.


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