BattleTech: Urban Warfare Picks Engagement Date

Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive have announced the release date for the second expansion of BattleTech. An announcement trailer was put together for the expansion, entitled Urban Warfare, while the companies released information on what to expect from the new content.

Urban Warfare takes the open battles of BattleTech and places them in dense, urban areas. These areas will feature completely destructible environments, ensuring that nowhere remains safe forever. New electronic equipment will grant defensive bonuses, like protection from enemy targeting systems and indirect fire, while also granting new options for searching hidden enemies out. Two new BattleMechs, the lightweight, electric-focused Raven X1 and the close-range knockout Javelin, will join the roster of accessible fighters while new Flashpoints, three new enemy vehicles, and a new encounter round out the rest of the additions.

The release of Urban Warfare is set for June 4, 2019, for the PC. The expansion will be priced at $19.99 or as part of the game’s Season Pass.



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