Further Code Vein Details, Screenshots Released

Bandai Namco has released its latest monthly batch of screenshots for upcoming action RPG Code Vein, revealing an assortment of details about the game with it. Firstly, a new companion character — Io — is confirmed. Io has previously been shown as an NPC at the game’s Home Base hub, but becomes available later in the story. She is an all-round combatant who uses a halberd and a mixture of attacking and healing Gifts.

The screenshots also show a newly revealed zone called the Depths. These spread out below various areas, particularly a ruined city, with the entrance known about but previously inaccessible due to the miasma that permeates the world. The Depths feature sections called Blood Trials; these are started by touching red areas, which cause many Lost to charge in and attack players. Successfully overcoming these trials rewards players with crafting materials.

Finally, Bandai Namco provided information about the game’s multiplayer. Players can send out a distress call, which allows another player to join the hosting player and their AI partner (but not the joining player’s partner). The joining player is able to buff and heal the other characters and will receive items and Haze, as well as proficiency upgrades for any Gifts they use while assisting the hosting player. Communication in multiplayer is handled through various stamps, gestures, and voice clips.

Code Vein is set to be released on September 28, 2018, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Pascal Tekaia, Zack Webster, and Chris Privitere were all able to briefly check the game out at E3 and reported back with their impressions.



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