RPGCast – Episode 462: “So, You Brought Up Memes On The Show”

Anna Marie proves she’s insane and tries to get Chris to start up a human breeding program to boot. We hear from people about the new sock. Josh tells us about a witch school. Also Kelley goes to Antarctica.

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  1. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    As it pertains to same-sex marriage in Fates, it doesn’t actually produce kids. As a result, I have only gotten female Kanna and just on my Revelations run as I intentionally took the same sex options in Birthright/Hoshido and Conquest/Nohr.

  2. Oh dear, “canon” marriages in Fire Emblem Awakening… that brings back nightmare internet arguments (granted, shipping wars are ugly in general). With Fire Emblem’s strongly implied multiverse, I take it to mean that all marriages in that game are canon.

    I still need to get around to playing Path of Radiance and Shadows of Valentia back-to-back to decide which one I prefer.

    And how does a “Densetsu Gaiden” not exist yet? Somebody make that game!

    As for the question of the week, I usually buy what I’m most likely to play right away. I’ll also be more likely to buy a certain game when a bunch of them are coming out if one of them is more obscure and I want to buy it to help the series. I would usually have said game pre-ordered. Anything else coming out on that date I would buy later.

  3. LordGolbez LordGolbez says:

    Not getting anything on May 25 and not sure if anything I’m interested in is even coming out then. Not based on the (only 2) games listed as upcoming games on the site for that day and probably not any I heard you mention. As far as the more general question, I don’t prepare. I’m usually not overly interested in getting games immediately when they come out and often wait for price drops. It’s rare enough that I pre-order/buy games on release date that it would be pretty unusual for me to have two games with the same release date that I’d want to buy day one. In the rare instances when that happens, I’ll just buy them both day one. No big deal. Three games released on the same day that I want day one would be practically unheard of, but in that exceptional event, I’d probably just still buy them all. Then I’d probably try out all the games first day or within a few days of purchase and focus primarily on which one grips me the most first. If I have something like a new Persona game coming out, there’s pretty much zero chance I’ll buy another game the same day, because I already know which game I’ll be sinking my teeth into for the next month.

  4. Budai Budai says:

    I really don’t understand steam and it’s rules with sexuality. Like kelly said, big aaa games like Witcher 3 and gta have full on sex scenes. I’m not sure what the criteria for attacks by them is. Second, why is violence allowed in a game but sexuality isn’t? Isn’t it time the gaming industry accepts sexuality is a valid artistic expression, even if someone finds it tacky? I don’t like it.

  5. severinmira severinmira says:

    I’d have let this go if it was someone else, but how is Anna the one who mispronounced “de Richet”? 😛

  6. Gameresq Gameresq says:

    Did Anna get her copy of the CSH Vita CE on Limited Run Games this morning? Completely agree with her that it looks amazing.

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