Deep Sky Derelicts Finds New Update, Release Date

Snowhound Games and 1C Company have prepared a new update for Deep Sky Derelicts as part of the game’s road map out of Early Access. Dubbed the Illustrious Monuments Update, the patch will contain a wealth of new content for early adopters of the game including a new character level cap of seven, five new skill specializations, new Illustrious and extension mods, five more derelicts — bringing the total to nine per playthrough — ten new enemies, new main missions and side missions, and much more. A release date of May 31, 2018, was also given for the title.

Deep Sky Derelicts is a roguelike that combines turn-based RPGs with a card-driven tactical combat system. Players take control of the crew of a ship as they scavenge for supplies and defend themselves from hostile aliens. The game is currently available for Early Access on PC.

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