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Wolfstride Hitting Switch Next Week

OTA IMON Studios and Raw Fury’s Wolfstride is releasing on Nintendo Switch next week. The black-and-white mecha RPG originally released for PC last year.

Wolfstride Out Now

Raw Fury and OTA IMON Studios’ Wolfstride is out now for PC via Steam. The black-and-white mecha RPG follows a former yakuza member who enters the Ultimate Mech Tournament.

Wolfstride Gets Two New Trailers

Two new trailers are out for mech-combat RPG Wolfstride. The game follows a former yakuza member who enters the Ultimate Mech Tournament taking place in Rain City.

Wolfstride Impression

RPGamer takes a look at a demo for stylized mech combat game Wolfstride. Developer OTA IMON Studios definitely hits every note of a graphically compelling game with its unique comic-book noir visuals.

Demo Announced for Mech-Combat RPG Wolfstride

Wolfstride asks players to compete in the worldwide championships of the most popular sport on the planet: giant mech battles. A demo to try out the turn-based mech combat will be available starting next week.

Wolfstride Announced with Teaser Trailer

Developer Raw Fury revealed Wolfstride, a new RPG that has a former yakuza member pilot a giant mech in a competitive tournament. The game is slated to release in 2021.