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RPGCast – Episode 511: “Tit For Tat”

Remember your lost days of innocence? Neither do we. Peter, Kelley, Josh, Matt, Chris, and Anna Marie all prove they shouldn’t be trusted with a podcast this week. Then we investigate whether…oh no, look out! Fraulein!

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Out Now on PC

Rebel Galaxy’s prequel is now available on PC. In addition to the game, developer Double Damage Games released a 40-minute gameplay video that introduces all of its major elements.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Shows Some Gameplay

Fresh off the announcement of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Double Damage Games has released a gameplay trailer. The video shows the main theme of spaceship combat, but also showcases some of the new minigames.

Double Damage Games Announces Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

2015’s space exploration RPG Rebel Galaxy is getting a prequel. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw looks bring a closer focus on the game’s story and providing a slice of blue collar sci-fi when it hits next year.