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Eastasiasoft Hosts New Showcase

Eastasiasoft held a new upcoming game showcase presentation. The publisher revealed dates for Sea Horizon, Chaos Galaxy, and Sword and Fairy Inn 2’s upcoming launches on new platforms.

Mugen Souls Z Releasing on Switch

After bringing Mugen Souls to Switch earlier this year, Eastasiasoft is also releasing its sequel on the console. Mugen Souls Z will release on the system in September.

Mugen Souls Getting Switch Release

Eastasiasoft’s latest announcement elicited some reactions from certain RPGamer staff members. The publisher is bringing Compile Heart’s Mugen Souls to Switch in spring.

Mugen Souls Review

Taking many ideas and themes from NIS’s own Disgaea franchise, Mugen Souls provides an RPG adventure that starts off quite promising despite an over-abundance of moé.