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River City Girls Arriving in September

WayForward Technologies has announced that its Kuni-kun spinoff River City Girls will be released in September. Kyoko and Misako will this time get the chance to brawl their way through enemies and rescue their boyfriends.

Limited Run Games Announces More RPG Releases

Limited Run Games held its second annual E3 presentation. Games receiving upcoming physical editions include Transistor, Rogue Legacy, and Dark Devotion, with Limited Run Games also signing on to distribute Shenmue III’s collector’s edition.

Dragon Fantasy Gets Limited Run Games Release

Another RPG will be getting a Limited Run Games physical release this week. Muteki Corporation’s Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria will be available to order for PlayStation 4 and Vita this Friday.

Golf Story Limited Physical Edition Revealed

Limited Run Games and Fangamer are teaming up for the limited edition of Golf Story. The edition will be available to order next week, and comes with a few of the cheaper tools for doing the real thing.

Dust: An Elysian Tale Out Now on Switch

Dust: An Elysian Tale is now available to download on Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, those looking for a physical copy have just one more day to get their orders in.

Limited Run Games Interview

An interview as enlightening as it is overdue, RPGamer sits down to talk with the co-founders of Limited Run Games about the company’s process and future plans. Douglas Bogart and Josh Fairhurst talk numbers, deciding which games to work on, and dream projects they wish they could get their hands on.